Adopt a Kiwi Business

New Zealanders help New Zealanders.

Kiwis have always helped each other in times of need. It’s what we do well. Right now, our small, locally owned businesses need us. New Zealand has over 500,000 businesses who together, employ more than 2 million Kiwis! COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. It’s wreaking havoc on all of us, but many small businesses simply won’t survive without a bit of help.

And they’re worth saving. Together New Zealand’s small businesses and self-employed business owners deliver 30% of our country’s GDP. They contribute a massive $232,324 million to New Zealand’s economy. Our Kiwi businesses are also the lifeblood of our local communities right around the country. New Zealand’s small businesses are employers, service providers, sponsors, mentors - and, quite frankly, without them we’ll be up a certain creek.

How can I help?

Show you care, adopt a Kiwi business.

Choose one small business you’d like to help and say hi. Adopting a Kiwi business means treating them a bit like family and being there. Support their business. Visit it online. Look after it. Nurture it. Talk to others about it so they can discover it too and use their products or services. We’re sure it will love you back. And don’t stop there. Be greedy. Adopt another, and another.

How you show support is
up to you.

Support can be as simple as spending money with your adopted Kiwi business. Or maybe you have a skill or area of expertise you can offer them. Or maybe you can use your social feed to give the business some exposure. Small businesses make up more than 95% of all businesses in New Zealand. Together we can keep it that way.


Become a customer:

Shop or buy from a small Kiwi business you’d like to help and ask others to also.


Promote their business:

Give them a shout out on social media – your Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin pages. Tag it with #Adoptakiwibusiness and we could promote them too.


Offer them your business skills:

Marketing, accounting, business advisory, whatever it is that you do really, really well.


Give a hand to our Arts, Sports and Charitable organisations too:

Many of them are just like small businesses and are already doing it tough. When all this is over, we will want them in our lives more than ever.

Adopt a Kiwi business.
Onya mate.

New Zealand has 515,046 small businesses.


Together, our Kiwi businesses employ more than 2,102,350.


410,109 of our small businesses are self-employed people.


NZ’s small business contribute a huge $232,324m to NZ’s economy.


NZ’s small business contribute a huge $232,324m to NZ’s economy.